Monday, December 31, 2012

I've Been ETSY'd Finally !!!

OK all... I've got my new ETSY store up and running now... I've been selling some of my cards to friends and relatives and they have been after me to sell online..

so  wander on over and take a look.. I'm just getting started so not a lot posted in ETSY yet... but I'm working away at home... If you see something you like and would like it customized, just let me know.. or if you see one of my cards for a challenge and would like one in another color scheme, I'd be glad to do that also.. Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts.. and thanks for all the support the crafting community has always shown.. hugs


Maire Gamber

Congrats with your Etsy shop! Your cards are gorgeous and I know you will do fantastic!

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